Seattle Aquarium's Marshawn Pinch comes out of his shell at Fish Bowl media day

Marshawn Pinch continued to avoid shelling out 50,000 clams for not talking to the press—and delighted his many sea fans—by sharing a few thoughts with Deion Sandy Beach during Fish Bowl XLVIII media day.

“Are you kinda shy? Do you not like to come out of your shell?” asked Sandy Beach, to which Pinch responded, “I’m just about that scuttling. I’ve been like that since I was a zoea*. I’m just gonna get it. I don’t need to wave my antennae about it.”

He continued, “I’m just gonna stay in my shell until Fish Bowl time. Then I’ll be out of my shell and scuttling for a win. And I know my sea fans love me regardless. They love the Searocks. They aren’t worried about whether I clam up.”

He concluded, “Being here at Fish Bowl XLVIII is huge. Beach Mode!”

And with that, he retreated into his shell.

Follow Marshawn Pinch on Facebook and Twitter for more updates as he and the Searocks prepare to take on the Denver Barnacles at Fish Bowl XLVIII! Interested in learning more about hermit crabs? Check out the Seattle Aquarium’s hermit crab fact sheet!

*What’s a zoea? A baby hermit crab!

**No hermit crabs were harmed in the creation of this promotion.

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