Seattle voters: vote NO on Initiative 123

Ballots will be mailed today for the August 2 election. For Seattle voters, the ballot includes a little publicized initiative that is of great importance to the Seattle Aquarium and to all those who live in the region. Passage of this initiative would reverse the work of thousands of citizens over the past seven years and toss out the Waterfront for All plan—replacing it with a substitute plan to build a new elevated structure that would permanently divide the city from the waterfront.

The Seattle Aquarium board of directors has voted to oppose Initiative 123. Please carefully consider these points and join them in voting NO as well:

  • I-123 offers only a vague description of an elevated structure on our waterfront, which would retain a portion of the seismically unsafe viaduct. Proponents initially sold this as Seattle’s version of New York’s High Line—but the landscape architect for the High Line, James Corner, strongly criticized the idea in a recent Puget Sound Business Journal article.
  • I-123 creates an unelected and self-selected board with no public accountability.
  • I-123 would give this board a blank check on the City general fund, requiring the City to pay for this undefined plan, which currently has no cost estimates.
  • I-123 has no requirement for public input.
  • I-123 would give proponents the right to any surplus City property to fund the project.
  • I-123 would put other City priorities at risk, including public safety, affordable housing, and other vital services.
  • I-123 would allow private, commercial development in the waterfront public right of way.

Please see this link to the Seattle Times op-ed page for more detailed information.

Your support is important—please vote NO on Initiative 123!


Bob DavidsonBob Davidson

President & CEO

Seattle Aquarium

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