Sekiu's next step

Sekiu's next step


Sekiu, the young sea otter born at the Aquarium last winter, is now at the age where—if she lived in the wild—she would be on her own, no longer dependent on her mom. Weaning occurs naturally in the wild but animals in the care of humans sometimes need a bit of help. To start Sekiu and her mom, Aniak, on the weaning process, we’re doing an experimental separation: Aniak is sharing living quarters with Adaa; Sekiu and Lootas are residing in the main pool. These pairings will remain in place for 2–3 weeks, at which point we’ll evaluate and potentially put the group back together.

In the meantime, visitors to the Aquarium may hear some vocalization from Aniak or Sekiu—this is normal during the weaning process. Our mammal staff will keep a close eye on the behaviors and appetite levels of mom and pup. Have questions about how they’re doing? Stop by the Aquarium to take a look and talk to one of our staff members or volunteers!

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