Help us “Survive the Sound” and support steelhead and salmon recovery

The Seattle Aquarium needs your help. We have joined in the fun and are participating in this year’s Survive the Sound competition that is being hosted by one of our conservation partners, Long Live the Kings.

Survive the Sound is a free and interactive online game where individuals are invited to follow their favorite fish character as it migrates through Puget Sound. The game uses real data to track competing fish as they make their perilous trek to the ocean.

The Aquarium is up to the challenge and we hope you will join us! Sign up for our team so you can learn more about the imperiled steelhead and race a fish for a good cause!

Pierre 59, Seattle Aquarium's salmon illustration
You can sign up to be any number of fish including the Aquarium’s Pierre 59.


Joining the challenge is easy!

On your mark, get set, SWIM! Migrating steelhead face many challenges as they navigate through Puget Sound. Steelhead, a salmon species and Washington’s State Fish, are currently at less than 10 percent of their historic abundance and are listed as a threatened species. Your participation can help save this iconic Northwest fish!

You can sign up for the free (and fun) challenge in three easy steps:

  1. Visit Survive the Sound's website.
  2. Pick your favorite fish.
  3. Then join the Seattle Aquarium team.

The larger the team, the better our chance of having the most fish survive at the end of the migration. From May 6–10 you will be updated regularly as your steelhead races through Puget Sound. Participants will receive insider fish facts and learn more about the pressures facing steelhead as your fish tries to survive the epic journey.

Watch the quick video tutorial below and don’t forget to join a team by May 5. We will make sure to keep you updated on our team’s progress and our favorite fish, Pierre 59. We hope you can join us in the fun!



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