Walking the talk: sustainable eating in the Aquarium café

At the Seattle Aquarium, we believe that sustainability starts at home—meaning that it’s important for us to model the practices we promote as part of our quest to improve ocean health. Our sustainability efforts are reflected everywhere in our facility—check our sustainability page for highlights—including our café.

Executive Chef Molly De Mers recently sat down with us to share some thoughts about sustainability, particularly as it relates to food. Interested in learning more (and seeing her in action)? Don’t miss the upcoming Sound Conversations event, Green Fish Blue Oceans, featuring Chef Molly and chef/author Maureen C. Berry, for a tantalizing discussion on eating sustainably—and deliciously!

Chef Molly De Mers poses for a photo in the Seattle Aquarium cafe kitchen
Seattle Aquarium Executive Chef Molly De Mers


Q: How has being the Aquarium’s executive chef influenced your thinking about sustainability?

A: What I love about working at the Aquarium is how seriously they take sustainability because they’re all about conservation. So being paired with them has really pushed me even harder to be more responsible from a culinary standpoint.


Q: Why is sustainability important to you generally?

A: What's interesting to me about sustainability is how everyone’s acting like it’s this catchphrase, but really it’s just a human responsibility. We all have to work together because there’s no life on a dead planet. So if we change the way we think about sustainability and make it just a part of our civic duty, I think the world can totally change. We’re doing our part here at the Seattle Aquarium, and that’s everything from how we’re working with the vendors to how we’re cooking our product, and seafood’s on the forefront.


Q: And how about sustainability as it applies to your profession?

A: I think people in the industry need to understand that they have a responsibility to provide honest and transparent food. I mean, let’s face it, people are putting these items into their bodies so they want to know where it comes from. They want to know how it was raised and they want to know if there are any chemicals involved. And I think that’s really smart and courageous of the community to start asking questions.



Make a stop at the Aquarium café on your next visit to see Chef Molly and her team in action—and learn more at Sound Conversations at 7pm on April 18. See more details and register for the event!

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