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A fond farewell to sea otter pup Rialto

A fond farewell to sea otter pup Rialto

September 19 was a bittersweet day for us at the Seattle Aquarium, as we said goodbye to Rialto and wished him a lifetime of health and happiness in his new home at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Caring for Rialto

Caring for Rialto takes a lot of time and energy! Here’s what a daily shift consists of:


Stranded sea otter pup transferred to the Seattle Aquarium for rehabilitation

In early August, a sea otter pup was reported stranded on Rialto Beach, on the outer coast of Washington state. A male, the pup was estimated to be about three weeks old and was in critical condition; very thin and weak.

2012 animal highlights

2012 animal highlights

Animal highlights of 2012 include the birth of our sea otter pup, Sekiu, on January 14 at about 5am. Otter Watch volunteers then began regular around-the-clock monitoring shifts for about four months, recording behaviors of the pup and her mom Aniak.

Sekiu's next step

Sekiu's next step

Sekiu, the young sea otter born at the Aquarium last winter, is now at the age where—if she lived in the wild—she would be on her own, no longer dependent on her mom. Weaning occurs naturally in the wild but animals in the care of humans sometimes need a bit of help.

Sea Otter Pup's Winning Name Is...

Today the Seattle Aquarium along with Christie Johnson from KING 5 News announced the winning name of Aniak's new sea otter pup. With over 15,000 votes, the winning name is Sekiu! Thank you to everyone who voted.

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