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Sea Otter Conservation Workshop

Toxins, hormones, a studbook and more: highlights from our Sea Otter Conservation Workshop

The Seattle Aquarium has hosted its biennial Sea Otter Conservation Workshop since 1999. What began as an intimate gathering of about 50 biologists has grown into an international event with over 120 attendees from locations including the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan and Russia.



Stranded sea otter pup transferred to the Seattle Aquarium for rehabilitation

In early August, a sea otter pup was reported stranded on Rialto Beach, on the outer coast of Washington state. A male, the pup was estimated to be about three weeks old and was in critical condition; very thin and weak.

Sekiu's next step

Sekiu's next step

Sekiu, the young sea otter born at the Aquarium last winter, is now at the age where—if she lived in the wild—she would be on her own, no longer dependent on her mom. Weaning occurs naturally in the wild but animals in the care of humans sometimes need a bit of help.

Budding Philanthropists Sell Lemonade To Feed The Sea Otters

Budding Philanthropists Sell Lemonade To Feed The Sea Otters

Proving it’s never too early to start supporting a cause you believe in, two young girls recently hosted a garage sale and opened a lemonade stand to raise money to help feed our resident sea otters.

Enrichment Through Ice Toys

Enrichment Through Ice Toys

Ice toys are an important part of the Aquarium’s enrichment efforts, providing fun and development for the marine mammals in our exhibits. These enrichment efforts also provide us with the opportunity to educate our visitors and enhance their experience at the Aquarium.

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