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Blog: Pacific Coral Reef


Coral reproduction 101: a crash course in how coral multiplies

To lay the groundwork for our upcoming blog post about the involvement of one of our staff aquarists with the SECORE (SExual COral REproduction) Foundation, we present a brief tutorial on the basics of coral reproduction. Aquarist Steven Yong, take it away!

Coral Reef

Winter Fishtival January 2: Coral Reef

Join the Seattle Aquarium for Winter Fishtival, where we’ll feature different sea animals and fun activities each day. January 2 is devoted to the coral reef. Did you know that coral isn’t a plant—it’s actually an animal, related to sea anemones and jellyfish?

The Importance of Coral Reefs

The Importance of Coral Reefs

Would you ever mistake a coral for a jellyfish? Probably not. Yet corals are related to jellies, as well as to other invertebrates such as sea anemones and sea pens.

New Lionfish at the Aquarium

New Lionfish at the Aquarium

At the Aquarium, we have two new lionfish on display in the Pacific Coral Reef exhibit. Pterois radiata, the clearfin lionfish and Pterois antennata, the spotfin lionfish.

Sea pens

Critter News: Sea Pens!

When touched by a predator such as a leather star, sunflower star, or any of several nudibranchs (including opalescent, striped, orange peel, and diamondback), sea pens have several defenses.

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