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Summertime is orca time!

Summer offers the best chance to see our Southern Resident orca pods in Puget Sound, and it’s also the time of year when Aquarium visitors have lots of questions about orcas—especially about how and where they can see them. 

Ken Balcomb, Executive Director of Center for Whale Research/ Principal Investigator for Orca Survey

Sound Conversations with Ken Balcomb III: May 2 at the Seattle Aquarium

Ken Balcomb has been researching our local orca populations since 1976 and, as he says, he’s been “hooked ever since.” Back when he started, they numbered 70. Now, he says, there are 83 or 84. A promising increase but Ken is nevertheless concerned.

NOAA Orca Research: Waiting For Whales

NOAA Orca Research: Waiting For Whales

Seattle Aquarium Community Engagement Manager Darcie Larson recently had the opportunity to assist scientists from NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center with their research on the local endangered orca population, the Southern Resident killer whales, which consist of J, K and L pods.

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