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The Seattle Aquarium is temporarily closed to the public. Learn more.

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Blog: barnacles

Salt and pepper sea cucumber

Plankton makes its presence known at the Seattle Aquarium

We have been seeing high levels of plankton in our water lately. Many Aquarium exhibits were a bit cloudy last week from all the algae and other planktonic organisms that are becoming more numerous as the season progresses.

Healthy barnacles, healthy grunt sculpins

Healthy barnacles, healthy grunt sculpins

Have you seen the grunt sculpins in the Seattle Aquarium’s Puget Sound Fish exhibit? They’re entertaining to watch because of their awkward way of swimming: they “crawl” on the tips of their finger-like pectoral fins in a series of twitchy hops, jerks and jumps.

Winter Fishtival: Tide Pool Animal Fun Facts

Winter Fishtival: Tide Pool Animal Fun Facts

Join us for hands-on activities, special talks and opportunities to learn more about the care and feeding of the Aquarium's fish, birds, tide pool animals and marine mammals during Winter Fishtival! Each day we'll highlight a different sea animal and activity. Today’s featured animals live in tide pools. Here are some fun and interesting facts about tide pool animals.

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