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We’ve been learning a lot about sea otters this week as we practice social distancing. We learned about the otters under the Seattle Aquarium’s care, we tested our ability to count wild otters in the field, and we met some of our incredible staff who shared fun facts about what makes sea otters so special.

Now it’s time to test your knowledge with a few trivia questions! See how you do, then watch our Curator of Mammals and Birds Traci Belting and Animal Care Specialist Carol Jackson as they answer some commonly asked questions about sea otters in a video made last year (before social distancing).


1. How many hairs can be found in one square inch of a sea otter’s pelt?
A. 5,000–10,000
B. 10,000–50,000
C. 100,000–250,000
D. 500,000–1,000,000

2. What percentage of its body weight does a northern sea otter need to eat each day?
A. 5
B. 15
C. 25
D. 50

3. True or false: sea otters are commonly seen in Puget Sound.

4. Sea otters can hold their breath for as long as:
A. Five minutes
B. 10 minutes
C. 15 minutes
D. 20 minutes

5. A sea otter can dive up to:
A. 100 ft.
B. 200 ft.
C. 300 ft.
D. 400 ft.

6. What is normal body temperature for a sea otter?
A. 55 degrees F
B. 70 degrees F
C. 89 degrees F
D. 100 degrees F

7. True or false: sea otters spend the majority of their lives in the water.

8. What do you call a group of sea otters?
A. A canoe
B. A raft
C. A school
D. A cuddle puddle

9. How do sea otters keep warm in cold waters?
A. A layer of blubber
B. Thick fur
C. Hat and mittens
D. By shivering a lot

10. What impacts do oil spills have on sea otters?
A. Hypothermia due to matting of fur
B. Normal grooming process exposes animals to ingesting oil
C. Loss of quality food source due to oil pollution
D. All of the above




The fun doesn’t stop here: next week we’ll explore some of the amazing fish that call Puget Sound and the greater Salish Sea home. We’ll post our weekly schedule on Sunday—and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the most up-to-date content.


Trivia answers: 1. D   2.  C   3. False   4. A   5. C   6. D   7. True   8. B   9. B   10. D

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