Pacific spiny lumpsucker
Pacific spiny lumpsucker

Another week of at-home engagement has come to a close. We learned a lot about the amazing fish species that call our local waters home and we hope you had as much fun as we did!

If you missed any of our activities, make sure you check out our blog to discover fascinating fishy facts, learn about Northwest salmon recovery and see how a wolf eel gets a checkup from our staff veterinarian. You should also take a moment to watch the live diver experience we did on Facebook with some members of our Aquarium team—practicing social distancing of course!

If you missed it, don’t worry! You can always go back and enjoy Puget Sound Fish Week on your own schedule, or even check out our fun-filled Sea Otter Week.


Time test your knowledge with some fun trivia related to the fish species we featured this week! Take a moment to answer and challenge your friends.

1. How many species of rockfish can be found in Washington state?
A. 10
B. 30
C. 60
D. 100

2. How long can a yelloweye rockfish live?
A. 25 years
B. 50 years
C. 75 years
D. Over 100 years

3. Canary rockfish can give live birth to up to how many young?
A. 100,000
B. 500,000
C. 1,000,000
D. 2,000,000

4. What is the largest species of salmon?
A. Coho
B. Chinook
C. Sockeye
D. Pink

5. How many eggs can a salmon lay?
A. 1,000
B. 2,500
C. 5,000
D. 10,000

6. Which of the following eat salmon?
A. Orcas
B. Bears
C. Humans
D. All of the above

7. How many suction cups does a Pacific spiny lumpsucker have?
A. One
B. Three
C. Five
D. Eight

(Hint: Pacific spiny lumpsuckers use their suction cups to adhere to kelp, rocks and other hard surfaces.)

8. True or false: Wolf eels deliver a deadly shock, immobilizing prey like urchins, crabs and clams.

9. What is the most common species of shark in Puget Sound?
A. Pacific spiny dogfish
B. Sixgill
C. Great white

10. How many species of shark are native to Puget Sound?
A. Zero
B. 10
C. 25


If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to watch a couple of bonus videos featuring Nicole from our visitor engagement team as she shares info about the long-lived rockfish and sturgeon.





The fun doesn’t stop here: next week we’ll be focusing on the fascinating northern fur seal! We’ll post our weekly schedule on Sunday—and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the most up-to-date content.


Trivia answers: 1. B     2. D     3. C     4. B     5. C     6. D     7. A     8. False     9. A     10. B



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