A tough day counting octopuses in Puget Sound

Going to work can be such a drag, right? You get up early and choose an outfit for the day…then there’s the commute…and when you finally arrive, it feels like you’re surrounded by a bunch of wild animals!

Seattle Aquarium visitor engagement staff members Cari and Katie know just how that feels: they recently went out on the Aquarium boat with several Aquarium life sciences staff members to participate in our annual octopus census. On October 11, Katie went out with Chris, Rob and Jeff to dive sites at Day Island and Titlow Beach; while on October 12, Cari joined Andy, Joel and Kaela to check out Blake Island and Blakely Rock.

Both said it was a really fun experience to practice working on the boat and participating in Aquarium dive ops—as Kaela said of the Blake Island dive, “It’s like we’re diving with every animal in the whole Aquarium all at one time!”

A tough day counting octopuses in Puget Sound


The number and diversity of animals and habitats they saw on their dives was a fantastic reminder of how lucky we are to live near, and dive in, Puget Sound. Everyone had a great time, and got to do some important work collecting data for the octopus census at the same time.

Held each year, the Aquarium’s octopus census asks divers in the Puget Sound area to report sightings of giant Pacific octopuses to help us monitor our local octopus populations. This year’s census took place October 8–16. And how many octopuses were spotted by the Aquarium teams? Around 30—but that number is sure to increase as reports from other divers are compiled. We’ll share results when all report as tallied.

A tough day counting octopuses in Puget Sound


Not a bad day at work, all in all! Interested in learning more about our octopus census? Visit our website or read this blog post.

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