Aquarium staff taking care of our animals
Maintaining our regular schedule of animal care is a top priority during our temporary closure.


What do humans have to do with the Seattle Aquarium? Well…just about everything. And this week, May 4–8, we’re going to introduce you to some of the many people who make the Aquarium experience possible, even when—ESPECIALLY when—we’re temporarily closed to the public. 

You might be surprised to know that there’s a lot more to working at the Seattle Aquarium than caring for our animals (although, of course, that’s our top priority). Regardless of our roles, we work at the Seattle Aquarium because we’re passionate about the marine environment, and we want to share that passion with you. Online for now and, as soon as it’s deemed safe, in person.

And, because in-person visits generate over 85% of our annual revenue—and we can’t currently welcome you through our doors—this week we’re also asking for your help. See below for more details, and learn how you can double your impact by giving now.



Below is a schedule of events that you can tune in for throughout the week, plus activities for kids of all ages. We’ll also be featuring engaging videos and content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Join us for a week of online learning and inspiration!

Monday, May 4:

  • 10am: Tune in for virtual story time as one of our staff members reads Lootas Little Wave Eater by Clare Meeker (with photography by our retired Director of Life Sciences C.J. Casson!).



Tuesday, May 5:

  • It’s Day 1 of GiveBIG—early giving is open! A gift right now will have twice the impact: As part of GiveBIG, your donation will be doubled.
  • 10am: Join our team for a live diver experience on our Facebook page where YOU can ask questions as a diver interacts with a variety of fish in our Window on Washington Waters exhibit.
  • Get to know some of the staff who are caring for our animals and facility during our temporary closure—and get some tantalizing behind-the-scenes glimpses—with this fun video!



Wednesday, May 6:

  • It’s the second day of GiveBIG! Double your impact while making a big difference during our temporary closure.
  • Head to our blog to learn about sustainability in action at the Aquarium—we’ll have a video with our own Chef Molly demonstrating a recipe for you to try at home, plus more!

Thursday, May 7:

  • Explore our website to discover activities, videos, virtual field trips, story times, live cams and more!
  • Check out our YouTube channel for some fascinating behind-the-scenes videos.

Friday, May 8:

  • It wouldn’t be Friday without trivia—and this week will feature questions (with some surprising answers) about our staff and volunteers. Check it out on our blog, and get ready to be stumped!


Here are a few activities you can do on your own—discover even more here!

  • Get creative with our animal trainer and scuba diver coloring sheets.
  • Warm- and cold-water scuba divers look pretty different when they’re all suited up. Check out this diagram to see how they differ—and where they’re similar.
  • Try your hand at this codebreaker and to discover something to request of an interpreter after we reopen!
  • Can you spot the differences in these images of an interpreter in our Underwater Dome exhibit?



Please consider a gift that will help us continue providing the best care for all our animals, support our staff,
advance science-based policies to protect marine wildlife, and expand our at-home engagement
and learning opportunities during our temporary closure.

Plus, a gift right now will have twice the impact: As part of GiveBIG, now through May 6, your donation will be doubled
thanks to Pat & Al Friedrich, Brad & Lesley Canfield, Susie Sheppard Wyckoff, and the Kongsgaard Goldman Fund.

A gift of any size makes a difference.

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Your gift will support the Seattle Aquarium’s Resilience Fund and our continued service to the community despite our current, temporary closure in addition to 16 weeks of closure last spring. Our programming continues with your help.