Tufted puffin
Tufted puffins are known as the “parrots of the sea” because of their distinctive and bright coloring during the summer breeding season.


This week our online engagement is for the birds—literally! Join us online May 18–22 to learn about the fascinating feathered friends that make their homes at the Seattle Aquarium with videos, activities, trivia and more.



Below is a schedule of events that you can tune in for throughout the week, plus activities for kids of all ages. We’ll also be featuring fun facts and other compelling content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Join us for a week of online learning and fun!

Monday, May 18:

  • Check out our online video archive and get to know some of charming birds in our care at the Seattle Aquarium.
  • 10am: Tune in for virtual story time as one of our staff members reads Puffin Peter by Petr Horcek.



Tuesday, May 19:

  • 10am: Get a behind-the-scenes look at what's involved as a diver prepares to dive in one of our exhibits! Head to our Facebook page for a live experience—learn about diving at the Aquarium and ask questions that can be answered live.

Wednesday, May 20:

  • Eating like a bird takes on a whole new meaning when you’re caring for the feathered residents at the Seattle Aquarium. Head to our blog to learn about the interesting way our birds participate in their own health care, the challenges of caring for geriatric birds, the backgrounds of the birds in our care, and more!

Thursday, May 21:

  • Get to know some of the bird species found at the Seattle Aquarium with our library of animal fact sheets!
  • The Thursday bird gets the worm! Or, in the case, the super-cute bird wallpaper. Get yours here!

Friday, May 22:

  • Learn some more interesting facts about Pacific Northwest birds—for instance, did you know that the oystercatcher really isn’t?—then test your knowledge with trivia on our blog.


Here’s a sampling of activities that you can do on your own—check our website for more!

  • Learn about how different beak shapes help birds eat different foods, watch a video, then test your new knowledge with our activity sheet.
  • Check out our YouTube channel for an amazing assortment of videos.
  • Break out the markers, crayons or colored pencils and get creative with our black oystercatcher and tufted puffin coloring sheets.
  • Find bird (and other animal) species names in our word search.

PS: Looking for more? Explore our animal fact sheets and infographic library, or check in on our animals in real time with our live webcams.



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