What are the impacts of volunteering at the Seattle Aquarium?

What are the impacts of volunteering at the Seattle Aquarium?


As part of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 6–12, we’re sharing thoughts from some of the volunteers who participated in a recent internal survey about their volunteer experience. Below, find some of our favorite responses to the question, “What impact has volunteering at the Seattle Aquarium had on your life?”

“Learning at the Aquarium has opened my eyes to many other avenues of information about the ocean and sea animals. And I have lots of information to discuss with family and friends. My interest in the ocean and sea life is much deeper and more rewarding to me than it was before.”

“I have become much more aware of the challenges facing our oceans and what I can do to help. Volunteering at the Seattle Aquarium has also connected me with opportunities in other organizations.”

“It brings a lot of joy and meaning to my life. I feel my volunteer time has had a positive impact on many lives and every one of those means another person that is more educated and able to better understand and protect this amazing place in which we live.”

“It has given me self-worth and confirmed that I have something to offer. I have made new friends and proved to myself that I could still learn new information. People at the Aquarium genuinely like me and it helps me to be okay with who I am.”

“It has made life a little more interesting. Because I am in a very niche career, volunteering at the Aquarium has introduced new knowledge and experiences which I would have not had without volunteering.”

“As a retired person it gives us a feeling of being needed and relevant. It gives you feeling that your life experiences are valuable to younger people.”

“I've gotten a lot more comfortable approaching and talking with people I don't know. It's fulfilling to participate with other people in a cause that's larger than yourself, and I've met some great people through the Aquarium.”

“I feel engaged in important work, and it satisfies and delights me. I am part of a community who cares. I connect with people, learn from them and contribute to their understanding. In the process I have developed my social and communication skills with people from a broad section of the public. I have become inspired and have given presentation to large groups of people about environmental issues over time. I have learned so much about marine life, the environment and how all is connected.”

“It helped me realize my career goals. When I started I was interested in general wildlife biology, but I recently got into grad school for marine biology, and the Aquarium really helped to remind me how much I love the ocean.”

“It has helped me expand my capabilities; I am an introvert, and interacting with strangers is sometimes a challenge, but volunteering provides a safe environment where I can practice and expand my interaction skills without feeling pressure to perform or meet expectations. I love the ocean, and it is helpful, and easier, to practice these skills in a context that is important to me.”

“Volunteering at the aquarium has turned on my brain! After just parenting for seven years, it is exciting and feels good to be learning something new. It has given me something to look forward to. I like knowing that I am helping to educate our visitors in a way that will impact them and hopefully help our environment as well.”

“The Seattle Aquarium has had a wonderful impact on me by way of me feeling like a stronger version of who I might see myself to be. The Aquarium gives me the courage to conquer my goals and dreams. I feel that the Aquarium has helped me find myself and re-find my passion.”

“It's definitely expanded my knowledge and taught me to be an environmentally responsible consumer. I know much more than I did before I started at the Seattle Aquarium.”

“I talk about what I do at the Aquarium ALL THE TIME. I have a full-time job but I spend much more of my time talking about what I am learning, experiences I've had with the public, and what the animals are up to at the Aquarium. It's been great to feel like I'm doing something with my education, while still learning more and keeping up-to-date with marine issues, especially in the local area.”

“Volunteering has given me such a fabulous opportunity to learn about the marine world and meet wonderful people. I have even been inspired to study marine biology at the university I am attending.”

“I tell people that the two best decisions of my life were marrying my husband and volunteering at the Aquarium. It's shaped my life in ways too numerous to count. It led to my graduate degree, my career, and my day to day passions. It's been invaluable.”

“It has expanded my mind and allowed me to expand the mind of others. It truly has changed my life and I'm going to continue to volunteer and possibly work here for a long time.”

Thank you again to our wonderful team of volunteers! Interested in becoming a Seattle Aquarium volunteer yourself? Visit our website for details.


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