Why Aquariums Matter

Seattle Aquarium President & CEO Robert W. Davidson's TEDxRainier talk, Why Aquariums Matter, was recently published to TEDxRainer's YouTube channel.

View the 15-minute talk below, which Davidson delivered on November 22, 2014 at Seattle's McCaw Hall as part of the annual TEDxRainier event.



The talk features, as Davidson notes, "stories of discovery and of positive action"—touching on issues affecting our one world ocean as well as those closer to home: ocean acidification, the Pacific trash vortex, sea star wasting disease, and the protections established for giant Pacific octopuses in Puget Sound in 2013.

Davidson comments, "Each of us has a personal aquarium window that magnifies and clarifies the world around us. Through this lens, if we're lucky, we may feel a child's wonder. The power of water, every drop, touching us to act while there's still time."

Watch the video, then visit our website to learn more! You can send comments or your own thoughts on why aquariums matter to b.davidson@seattleaquarium.org.


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