Why volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium?

Why volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium?


As part of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 6–12, we’re sharing thoughts from some of the volunteers who participated in a recent internal survey about their volunteer experience. Below, find some of our favorite responses to the question, “Why did you decide to volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium?”

“Throughout my life I have believed in giving back through volunteering. When I moved to Seattle I was caught up in my career. After a decade of that craziness, I considered many volunteer options. I chose the Aquarium because the opportunities were varied, different, hands-on with staff, involved scientific areas that fascinated me and gave me a chance to learn while giving back to the community.”

”I spent my early childhood in the Puget Sound region and it had a big impact on me, fostering an early love for the outdoors and the aquatic. When I moved back to the region as an adult I wanted to help others learn about and explore our marine environments and I felt the Aquarium was the best place to do that.”

“I am extremely concerned about the fate of our oceans and our planet. Helping to educate the public about what is happening to the life in our oceans is the most important thing for me. I find that sharing the concern for the health of the oceans and the planet is extremely satisfying.”

“I am a photographer. I love taking photos at low tide and wildlife photos. Volunteering helped me learn more about what I was seeing on the beach and helped me learn to articulate my concerns about the degradation of our environment. I love animals of all kinds and find the ocean to be an ever-inspiring source of awe. I would like to work in wildlife rehab one day and think this is a great way to prepare for that.”

“I love marine life and I love educating people. Being able to share what I know with the people who don't know about it is one of the best uses of my knowledge I can see. I also knew that I wanted to work in a place like the Seattle Aquarium and that this experience would be valuable for my career goals.”

“I started volunteering at the Seattle Aquarium because I wanted to do something that used my degree in marine biology. So this is an activity that helps me tap into that skill and knowledge base in a way that I can share it with others, even if my everyday job does not allow for that.  Additionally, I have a strong sense of volunteerism and I'm glad that I can volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium, where the organizational mission is at the core of my own personal ethos.”

Thank you again to our wonderful team of volunteers. Check back tomorrow to read what our volunteers love most about volunteering at the Aquarium! Interested in becoming a Seattle Aquarium volunteer yourself? Visit our website for details.


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