Winter Fishtival December 31: Rockfish



Join the Seattle Aquarium for Winter Fishtival, where we’ll feature different sea animals and fun activities each day. December 31 is devoted to rockfish. See below for a few facts about these long-lived fish, then come to the Aquarium on December 31 to learn more!

Rockfish can live 100 years or longer. And, speaking of that big number, there are over 100 species of rockfish in the world: 68 of them are found along the Pacific coast of North America; 24 are found in the Pacific Northwest; and about 14 can be seen in the Window on Washington Waters exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium.


All rockfish species share some physical characteristics—such as jutting lower jaws and large dorsal fins with well-developed spines—but there are significant differences between the species as well. Their size can range from six inches to three feet. They may be red, orange, black or green, splotched or striped. And they may group together in large schools or live solitary lives in their rocky homes. One more interesting rockfish fact: Unlike many other fish species, rockfish don’t hatch from eggs—female rockfish give live birth.

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