Winter Fishtival January 5: Sculpins

Winter Fishtival January 5: Sculpins


Join the Seattle Aquarium for Winter Fishtival, where we’ll feature different sea animals and fun activities each day. January 5 will be devoted to sculpins, a fish with 230 recognized marine species—41 of which are found in our local waters. Read on for a few fun sculpin facts, then join us at the Aquarium to learn more!


Sculpins are one of the largest families of fish in the Pacific Northwest. Most species are less than a foot long although the cabezon can grow up to three feet in length. While not generally harvested or fished by humans, sculpins are an important food source for fish, birds and mammals.

Sculpins may be hard to spot in the water: they often lie motionless on reefs or rocks, or in between rocks. Most dwell in tide pool or intertidal habitats; some species make their homes in deeper waters. Regardless of where they live, sculpins are solitary and territorial.


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