You Can Help Prevent Plastic From Harming Marine Wildlife

World Ocean Day


June 8th is World Ocean Day, the UN-designated day for the global community to celebrate and take action for our shared ocean. One of the greatest threats to the ocean is also one of the most insidious because chances are it’s so mundane you don’t even notice it. Look around you right now: how much plastic do you see?

The ocean is downstream from all of us, no matter where we live, so we can all help address the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean. Each year a huge amount of plastic eventually makes it into coastal waters and harms ocean life. Many animals such as seabirds, sea turtles, dolphins and whales die every year from plastic entanglement or starvation because they fill up their stomachs on plastic they mistake for food. Take action for World Ocean Day and prevent plastic from harming ocean wildlife!

Beach cleanup


October Beach Cleanup

Reduce plastic use. Help stop plastic pollution at its source! As consumers, we each have the power to reduce demand. And if you encourage family and friends to do the same, the more good we can do to keep the ocean clean and safe.

Plastic water bottles. Invest in a reusable water bottle and filter water if necessary. Help the ocean and save money; it’s a win-win for you and the blue. On average, Americans now use 4 plastic water bottles a day—the highest ever recorded! Let’s turn the tide against wasteful plastic consumption.

Plastic bags. People use nearly 1 trillion plastic bags each year, and unfortunately, many of those end up ingested by sea turtles that mistake plastic for jellyfish. Remember to bring a reusable bag for food (including vegetables) and other shopping and save a life!

Straws, cups to-go, food containers, and utensils. Bring your own reusable products like mugs when you get coffee and take a pass on the plastic utensils when you get take-out food.

Be aware of packaging. Pay attention to how much incidental plastic that comes with what you buy—your candy, headphones, pens, etc., all come in plastic packaging. Strive to cut down on your daily plastic consumption and reward corporations that package responsibly!

Act for World Ocean Day!
World Ocean Weekend! The Seattle Aquarium recognizes World Oceans Day with a weekend of activities! June 8-10, 2012 the Aquarium celebrates our “One Big Ocean” with special talks, demonstrations, displays and hands-on activities. Come explore the ocean at the Seattle Aquarium and dive into the wonders of the deep.

An Hour for the Ocean! Take time to turn the tides on marine debris – spend one hour at your local beach or watershed cleaning up trash to help your local wildlife! Plan a fun hour anytime on June 8th with friends and then share your plans, pictures and success stories with our friends at Puget Sound: We Love You!

Support the Seattle Aquarium

Your support connects people to the ocean in a way not otherwise possible and inspires bold action to care for animals and protect our shared marine environment.