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Air quality and animal care: Mishka and more

Wildfires, smoke and air quality are top of mind for many of us in the western U.S., and our hearts go out to those who have been directly impacted by the fires. All is safe at the Seattle Aquarium but, due to very poor air quality in our region, we’ve been closed to the public since last Friday afternoon to help protect the health of our guests, staff, and volunteers.

How does poor air quality affect the animals in our care? It depends on the species as well as individual underlying health conditions, if any. “Fish and many aquatic invertebrates do their gas exchange across gills—and smoke and ash shouldn’t have any direct impact on the quality of our water,” explains Senior Veterinarian Dr. Caitlin Hadfield.

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Open up and say “ahh”—some Seattle Aquarium wolf eels just had their checkups!

Just like people, the animals at the Aquarium benefit from expert care, including regular medical exams. And recently, when three of our resident wolf eels were being relocated into new habitats, senior veterinarian Caitlin Hadfield, Vet MB Dipl. ACZM Dipl. ECZM, worked with Aquarium staff aquarists to do routine health checks.

Wolf eel wrangle at the Seattle Aquarium

Wolf eel wrangle at the Seattle Aquarium

The 2017 wolf eel wrangle is underway! Seattle Aquarium staff members are systematically performing annual check-ups on the Aquarium’s wolf eel population, looking at the condition of wolf eels’ teeth and gums and measuring their lengths, weights and girths.

Winter Fishtival January 4: Wolf Eels

Winter Fishtival January 4: Wolf Eels

Join the Seattle Aquarium for Winter Fishtival, where we’ll feature different sea animals and fun activities each day. January 4 is all about wolf eels, which actually aren’t eels at all—they’re fish!

Winter Fishtival: Wolf Eel Fun Facts

Winter Fishtival: Wolf Eel Fun Facts

Join us for hands-on activities, special talks and opportunities to learn more about the care and feeding of the Aquarium's fish, birds, tide pool animals and marine mammals during Winter Fishtival! Each day we'll highlight a different sea animal and activity. Today the featured animal is the wolf eel. Here are some fun and interesting facts about wolf eels.

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