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New policies to reduce ocean plastics

Plastic in the ocean is a very serious—and growing—issue. Approximately 8.8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year. Seabirds, sea turtles, dolphins, whales and other animals die every year because they get tangled up in plastic or fill up their stomachs on plastic they mistake for food. To help address this crisis, the Seattle Aquarium worked hard last year to advance a Reusable Bag Bill in Washington state. 

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Know your beach—this week from the beach

Take a walk north of the Seattle Aquarium along the waterfront. There is something you should know about this little beach right in downtown Seattle - it is alive with wonderful neighbors that breathe water instead of air! 

Know your beach-this week from the beach

Know your beach—this week from the beach

Did you get out and explore our beaches this past week during some of the lowest tides we will have this summer? Our naturalists were out every day, mingling with our intertidal neighbors and helping our visitors see and learn about even the tiniest of creatures!

Know your beach: end-of-season report

Know your beach: end-of-season report

Wow. I cannot believe our beach season is over already! It feels like we just got started. Thank you to everyone who came out to visit and explore the beach with us—it was a blast.

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