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Early closure alert:
The Aquarium will close early on Monday, September 24. Last admission at noon; exhibits close at 1pm. The Aquarium café will be closed all day.

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Saying goodbye to Scarlet (J50), and where do we go from here?

We here at the Aquarium are deeply saddened by the presumed loss of another young member of J Pod. Scarlet’s death brings the southern resident orca population down to just 74 individuals and is most certainly a blow to the future of this iconic species. We can all take a moment to mourn this tragic loss—and then we must come together and take measurable steps to save our southern resident population and their primary food source, Chinook salmon, to help protect the rest of Scarlet’s family.

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Eelgrass: nursery of the sea

Eelgrass: nursery of the sea

Meadows of grass growing below the surface of Puget Sound? It may not be the same as the grass on your local playfield—but it’s there, and it serves a vital purpose.

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