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The Seattle Aquarium's caring cove exhibit play space showing multiple play areas for children.

Our new caring cove play space for kids—now open!

Looking for something new and fun to do with young kids on a wet and dreary winter day? Come discover Caring Cove, an open play space where kids can deepen their connections to marine animals and their habitats by play-acting a variety of animal care activities.

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Critter News: Mystery Animals

Critter News: Mystery Animals

I look like I have a crew-cut on my head, but  some of my relatives are much more heavily decorated..

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part Four

Day 6 - Aug 22: Shipping Day — Our first “non-collecting” day of the trip — today we send our first group of animals to Seattle. Since we were not going to a collecting site, we got to sleep in a little — although most of the group was up and moving before 6:30am anyway. Bryan and Alan took the fish that were collected last night (held in coolers in the van overnight) to the Waikiki Aquarium while the rest of us cleaned up the gear and gathered the supplies needed for packing and shipping the animals.

Critter News: Scallops, Chitons, Sea Stars and Sea Urchins

Critter News: Scallops, Chitons, Sea Stars and Sea Urchins

What am I?
I am one of about 60 of what you see in the photo on the left. I may help my possessor see danger nearby or good habitat further off.

International Coastal Cleanup

International Coastal Cleanup

If you’re a Seattleite who has felt deprived of your beach-perfect summer days this season, you are definitely not alone. Beach days have been in rare supply this year, but on September 17, come rain or shine, the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup provides a great reason to head to the beach.

Alan, Bryan and Kathryn gearing up

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part Three

Day 4 – Aug 20:  The team returned to Hale’iwa on the north shore for another full day of collecting. The water conditions have been better here than anywhere else on the island so far and we have been finding some wonderful fish.

Kathryn and Bryan snorkel collecting

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part Two

Day 2 — Aug 18: 5am start time. After breakfast and packing lunch to take with us, the team loaded up the vans and headed to the north shore of the island to begin a “shake down” collecting day at Hale’iwa.

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part One

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part One

Every other year, biologists from the Seattle Aquarium go to Hawaii to collect new warm water animals for our exhibits. This blog post, is part one of a four-part blog series that will cover what it takes to put together a collection trip and highlight the biologists’ experiences.

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