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Double dips: Youth Ocean Advocates earn college credit through volunteer work

Being a youth volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium recently got even more rewarding: participants now have the opportunity to earn college credit through a new “badging” program developed by Aquarium youth engagement staff and volunteers in collaboration with researchers and faculty from University of Washington Bothell.

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Critter News: Scary and Slimy Sea Stars

Critter News: Scary and Slimy Sea Stars

The morning sun star (Solaster dawsoni) eats its own kind. It can swallow small prey whole, but will evert its large stomach to feed on larger sea stars. So, how does it capture and hold onto sea stars that may be larger than itself?

Critter News: Pacific Red Octopus

Critter News: Pacific Red Octopus

It’s our newest Octopus rubescens (Pacific red octopus). She is only a few ounces of cephalopod beauty, but her venom packs a punch. According to scientists such as Roland Anderson and Roger Hanlon (author of Cephalopod Behavior), the bite of the red octopus is potent; the painful effects can last for days, weeks, or longer.

Seattle Aquarium Salutes Pike Place Fish

Today the Aquarium celebrated Pike Place Fish's success of reaching their goal to sell 100% sustainable seafood. That means they only sell seafood that is located on the "Best Choices" and "Good Alternatives" lists in the Seafood Watch Guide.

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