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Sea anemones


We’re closing out Tide Pool Week with some beautiful, summery weather—the perfect time to head to a local beach and explore some of the amazing animals we’ve been highlighting! Check out our library of animal fact sheets for more details about the birds, fish and invertebrates you might see on your next trip to the beach. And, before you tackle our trivia below, you might want to take a close look at the fact sheets for tide pool ecosystems, barnacles and moon jellies (just saying!).

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Cephalopods, Camouflage Masters

Winter Fishtival December 28: Cephalopods, Camouflage Masters

Join the Seattle Aquarium for Winter Fishtival, where we’ll feature different sea animals and fun activities each day.

Seattle Aquarium hosts ocean acidification event

Seattle Aquarium hosts ocean acidification event

Washington’s shellfish population—clams, oysters and mussels—have been called the “canaries in the coalmine” for ocean acidification. Rising acidity in our local waters has already made it difficult for some shellfish populations to reproduce.

Northern Fur Seals and The Pribilofs

Northern Fur Seals and The Pribilofs, Part 4

Today we began cleanup and prepared to head home. By studying northern fur seals, NMFS scientists are continuing to learn about the species, why this population continues to decline, and what can be done to preserve it.

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