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Inspiring empathy at marine summer camp

Research shows that encouraging and developing empathy for animals in children is an important motivator toward action on the animals’ behalf. Through grant-funded initiatives, we’ve laid the groundwork for best practices, enhanced visitor programming and promoted industry interest in principles for empathy for animals.

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Enrichment Through Ice Toys

Enrichment Through Ice Toys

Ice toys are an important part of the Aquarium’s enrichment efforts, providing fun and development for the marine mammals in our exhibits. These enrichment efforts also provide us with the opportunity to educate our visitors and enhance their experience at the Aquarium.

Critter News: Scallops, Chitons, Sea Stars and Sea Urchins

Critter News: Scallops, Chitons, Sea Stars and Sea Urchins

What am I?
I am one of about 60 of what you see in the photo on the left. I may help my possessor see danger nearby or good habitat further off.

Sea pens

Critter News: Sea Pens!

When touched by a predator such as a leather star, sunflower star, or any of several nudibranchs (including opalescent, striped, orange peel, and diamondback), sea pens have several defenses.

Kathryn and Bryan snorkel collecting

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part Two

Day 2 — Aug 18: 5am start time. After breakfast and packing lunch to take with us, the team loaded up the vans and headed to the north shore of the island to begin a “shake down” collecting day at Hale’iwa.

Fun Animal Facts: Giant Pacific Octopus

Fun Animal Facts: Giant Pacific Octopus

What do you call more than one octopus? Although many believe the correct plural form of octopus is octopi, it’s actually octopuses.

The Pacific Nearshore Project

On August 6 – August 9, 2011 our Interpretation Coordinator, Darcie Larson had the opportunity to collaborate with U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Monterey Bay Aquarium and other key partners to study the health of local sea otters as part of the Pacific Nearshore Project.

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