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Snowy plover standing on a piece of driftwood in its exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium

Tiny, charming snowy plovers—now at the Seattle Aquarium

These tiny brown-and-gray birds—they weigh only 1.23 ounces each, about the equivalent of a nine-volt battery!—have a big impact on everyone who meets them with their “ability to capture the hearts of visitors because of their tiny, adorable appearance,” says Animal Care Specialist Sara Perry.

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Critter News: 3 New Cassin's Auklets at the Aquarium

Critter News: 3 New Cassin's Auklets at the Aquarium

A first for the Seattle Aquarium — 3 Cassin’s Auklets, a new species for our collection, recently arrived from SeaWorld Orlando and are now on exhibit with the rest of our Alcid collection.

Northern Fur Seals and The Pribilofs

Northern Fur Seals and The Pribilofs, Part Three

Seattle Aquarium mammal biologist, Julie Carpenter recently assisted NOAA scientists from the Alaska Fisheries Science Center with their annual research in the Pribliof Islands of Alaska, which are home to breeding colonies (or rookeries) of the northern fur seal.

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