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wo Seattle Aquarium aquarists placing young coral in the large rounded coral nursery habitat at the Aquarium.

Visit the Aquarium to experience our new coral nursery!

Have you ever wondered what young corals look like and how they grow? Book a visit to the Aquarium to see some “baby” corals, learn more about these fascinating animals (yes, they’re animals—not plants!) and discover why coral reefs are critically important to the health of the marine environment. 

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Critter News: Pacific Red Octopus

Critter News: Pacific Red Octopus

It’s our newest Octopus rubescens (Pacific red octopus). She is only a few ounces of cephalopod beauty, but her venom packs a punch. According to scientists such as Roland Anderson and Roger Hanlon (author of Cephalopod Behavior), the bite of the red octopus is potent; the painful effects can last for days, weeks, or longer.

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