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Lightning Talks: Sharks!

Lightning Talks: Sharks!

When November 12, 2020 at 6-7pm PST

Price Free

Like a science sampler plate, this fun, engaging event will highlight five shark enthusiasts for five minutes each on topics ranging from research and conservation to sharks in pop culture. We hope you come away from this virtual event as enthralled with sharks as our guest speakers are!

This event will begin at 6pm on November 12 on our YouTube channel, and the chat function will be open for you to ask questions of our panelists. We look forward to learning about these fascinating animals with you.

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Topics and speakers


The Mysterious Megamouth Shark

Paul Clerkin
Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Megamouth sharks are one of our planet's most mysterious shark species. They are rarely encountered and very poorly studied. Learn what we know and what we’re doing to study and protect this enigmatic species. 

Paul Clerkin is a marine ecologist who focuses on lesser-known species of sharks. He has worked in locations around the world to find and study rare species.


Shark Weak: The world's most-watched shark "documentaries" are lying to you

Dr. David Shiffman
Arizona State University

Some of the most-watched ocean science documentaries in the world are, unfortunately, wrong—often spectacularly so. Dr. David Shiffman will walk you through some of the most egregious examples of misinformation and describe how to learn real things about ocean science instead.

Dr. Shiffman is a marine conservation biologist who studies sharks and how to protect them. An award-winning speaker and public science engagement specialist, he has given talks about sharks in all 50 states and has bylines with the Washington Post and Scientific American, and a monthly column in SCUBA Diving magazine


Bite Into 2020's Jawsome Shark Science Finds

Melissa Márquez
Curtin University (Western Australia)

Despite the ongoing pandemic, 2020 yielded many incredible #sharkscience finds. Melissa Cristina Márquez will share a few discoveries that shark scientists are really excited about.

Melissa is a Latina marine biologist and shark scientist currently doing her Ph.D. at Curtin University, studying human-wildlife conflict and shark habitat use. She’s also a freelance environmental writer for Forbes, founder of The Fins United Initiative (TFUI), TV presenter and Scholastic author.


MISS Magic

Jaida Elcock
University of Washington

Minorities in Shark Sciences (MISS) is an organization dedicated to giving women of color a space and community in the world of shark science. Jaida Elcock will discuss the main goals of MISS and how they’ll be achieved.

Jaida is a graduate student at the University of Washington studying elasmobranch movement ecology. She enjoys doing outreach with groups of any age and is a science communicator through social media.


How Can You Tell One White Shark From Another?

George Probst

Photo identification of great white sharks allows us to note when and where unique individuals have been documented. Learn how highlighting the unique characteristics of each shark and being able to refer to them by name can be an invaluable tool for communicating information about white sharks to the public.

George Probst is an underwater photographer and active contributor to Marine Conservation Science Institute’s white shark photo identification project, which helps catalog individual white sharks at Isla de Guadalupe. George uses his photography as a form of outreach to help educate audiences about sharks and promote marine conservation.