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Superpod book signing with author Nora Nickum

When Sunday, April 16 at 10:30am−12:30pm

The Seattle Aquarium’s Senior Ocean Policy Manager Nora Nickum has written a book for kids, and it’s all about our local southern resident orcas! Readers aged 8–12 will enjoy meeting these playful and beloved animals and the people working to save them from extinction, using everything from medicine and laws to drones and dogs. 

You’re invited to meet Nora in our gift shop on April 16 to get your copy of Superpod signed. Don’t have one yet? Books will be available for purchase during the event—or you can order yours in advance and bring it with you. Please note: paid Aquarium admission is required to attend the book signing.

You can learn more about the book on our blog

Photo of orca whales at the surface of the ocean featured on the cover of the book Superpod: Saving the Endangered Orcas of the Pacific Northwest by Nora Nickum