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Cephalopods infograph

Fun fact:

Giant Pacific octopuses live up to their names. While they average 90 pounds, they’re known to weigh up to 150, with the largest authenticated weight coming in at 156 pounds. And their arm spans can be up to an incredible 20 feet across—about the height of a two-story building.

Octopuses, octopi...or octopodes?

What’s the correct plural form of the word “octopus”? Many people believe it’s octopi, and a few think it’s octopodes—but it’s actually plain old octopuses. Want to know why?

It’s commonly thought that the word “octopus” is Latin in origin—which would give it plural form of octopi. But the word actually comes from ancient Greek, with a plural form of octopodes. However, the origin of the word itself doesn’t matter: “octopus” has been in use in English for hundreds of years and, like other foreign words that have entered the English language, it receives the standard inflection.

In a nutshell, octopi sounds kind of cool but isn’t correct; octopodes is technically correct but is used rarely (and only in British English even then); and octopuses reflects the standard plural form of a word in the English language. Octopuses for the win!



Giant Pacific octopus in the Life of a Drifter exhibit

Where can we see them at the Aquarium?

Get a close look at one of the most elusive and fascinating sea creatures found in Puget Sound: the giant Pacific octopus at the Life of a Drifter exhibit. This exhibit is designed in two sections connected by a large transparent tube– watch as the octopus moves from one section to the other, giving you a chance to observe its many busy tentacles, and perhaps even gaze into one of its ancient-looking eyes.


We are also actively involved in conservation of and research related to giant Pacific octopuses, including an annual octopus census in Puget Sound.



Join us to learn about one of the coolest creatures in Puget Sound, the giant Pacific octopus. Each day will feature hands-on activities for kids, octopus feedings and talks. More information and event dates coming soon!



Giant Pacific octopuses are the largest species of octopus in the world. While they’re found along the U.S. coastline from California to Alaska, the Sound’s shallower waters allow them to be seen more easily by divers. Giant Pacific octopuses are one of the main diving attractions in the Sound. Preserving their populations at popular dive sites helps ensure that people can continue to closely observe and appreciate them for years to come. The aim of this workshop is to explore empathy as one effective tool to inspire conservation action in our classrooms and institutions. Empathy toward animals is a learned mental and emotional process cultivated throughout a person’s life.