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Caring Cove Play Space

Have fun pretending to be an Aquarium veterinarian, biologist, aquarist or interpreter in this immersive play space.

A young girl holding medical bandages as she approaches a toy stuffed octopus toy while pretending to care for the toy.

Children and their caregivers are invited to come play with and learn about some of our ocean’s wondrous inhabitants and how to care for them!

Start in the costume/animal area to dress up as an Aquarium staff member and choose a plush animal to borrow. Then head to the exam station to give the animal a checkup, or the feeding and enrichment station to prepare a pretend meal or design an activity. A holding habitat offers space for animals to rest, play, eat or interact. 

The play space also features an artificial tide pool area for kids to practice looking closely, touching gently and exploring carefully—just as we encourage them to do in our Life on the Edge habitat. Colorful, tactile, filled with faux sea creatures and just 14” high, this area is ideal for our youngest guests, who aren’t quite tall enough (or ready) to explore our touch pools. 

You’ll also find a felt wall, where kids can design an underwater ecosystem or animal home, a reading area stocked with children’s books and benches for reading or resting. 

Designed for toddlers and children up to age 10, Caring Cove is fun for the whole family and supports our empathy work, which is funded through a grant from an anonymous donor. Read our blog post to learn more, then come explore! 

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