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The Salmon Way

The Salmon Way: An Alaska State of Mind is a photographic celebration of Alaskan wild salmon—now through August 2022.

A large bear standing in a river bites down onto a salmon, causing the salmon to release eggs into the air with the text an Alaska state of mind, The Salmon Way, Amy Gulick

To conduct research for her book of the same name, photographer and author Amy Gulick spent five years in Alaska exploring the web of human relationships that revolve around wild salmon. In Alaska, it’s more than just their “way”—it’s their way of life.

The inspiring photographs depict the diversity of Alaskans living a “salmon way of life.” With images ranging from Alaska Natives to commercial fishing families to sport fisherfolk, the exhibit honors one of the last places where wild Pacific salmon are still abundant and shows deep-rooted ties between human and fish, between Alaska and Washington, and across generations and communities.

“Alaska shows us what is possible if we restore wild salmon and their habitat in places where they are threatened and endangered. Where salmon thrive, so do ecosystems, communities, cultures and economies,” says Amy.

Experience The Salmon Way alongside the Life on the Edge habitat during your next visit to the Aquarium!

A woman stands on the edge of a large body of water using a knife to slice into filets of fresh salmon which are hung over a tree branch.
Photo by Amy Gulick

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