Calendar advisory—Lightning Talks: Orcas!

Calendar advisory—May 11, 2021

Tim Kuniholm (206) 386-4345

A pod of orca whales swimming along the ocean surface.


Lightning Talks: Orcas!

June 17, 2021, at 6pm Pacific time 
Mark your calendars for our next virtual Lightning Talks event. In honor of Orca Action Month, this one is devoted to all things orca! 

Discover more about these majestic icons of the Pacific Northwest and learn about efforts to save their struggling population during a series of fascinating five-minute talks from our panel of experts. You’ll come away with a stockpile of fun facts to amaze your friends and inspiration to take action on behalf of our region’s beloved orcas.

Registration will close at 4pm Pacific time on June 17. By registering, you'll receive a direct link to the broadcast after 4pm on the day of the event. 

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We are open! 
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