We are all doing our part to help fight the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing. The Aquarium may be closed, but our dedicated staff are working hard to bring the Aquarium to you!

Each week we will be bringing you online content about some of your favorite animals, conservation actions and at-home activities so you can continue to engage and learn about ocean health. Stay tuned to learn about the amazing fish of the Salish Sea, our local invertebrates, Earth Day activism, the amazing octopus and more! We have already posted some online resources that you can do on your own. Check out our website SeattleAquarium.org for animal fact sheets, our infographic library, at-home activities for kids, or check-in on our animals in real time with our live webcams.


The Salish Sea is home to an incredible variety of fish - from sanddabs to salmon and sablefish. Join us to check out some of these fish that call the Aquarium home. The Aquarium is proud to conduct research on rockfish, sixgill sharks, and other Puget Sound fish that has helped in their recovery and conservation. We also advocate for science-based fisheries management to support vibrant marine and coastal communities.

Below is a schedule of events throughout the week that you can tune-in for and a list of activities for kids of all ages. Visit SeattleAquarium.org/experience-aquarium-anywhere each week for an updated schedule.

Monday, April 6:

  • Join Aquarium staff for virtual story time on Facebook and Twitter at 10am.
  • Visit our blog to learn about many of the unique fish species that call our local waters home and view our YouTube channel to check out fishy-in a- good-way videos.

Tuesday, April 7:

  • Facebook Live diver presentation! A diver wearing a specialized mask will talk back and forth with an Aquarium interpreter on the dry side of the Window on Washington Waters exhibit. Join us at 10am to learn more about these cold-water fish and you’ll even have a chance to ask questions!
  • Download some of our kids’ activities like coloring sheets, match games, and more.

Wednesday, April 8:

  • Check out our blog to learn about our local salmon and read about policy actions the Aquarium is taking to help the recovery of this important keystone species.

Thursday, April 9:

  • Did you know a wolf eel is actually a fish? Read about how our animal care team performs regular checkups on our resident wolf eels and watch a video that shows how friendly these unique fish are with our dive team.

Friday, April 10:

  • Test your knowledge from the week by completing some fishy-in-a-good-way trivia on our blog.
  • Tune in for virtual adventure as Aquarium staff talk about the long-lived rockfish and sturgeon. Any guesses about how long these fish live? You might be surprised!


We have compiled a list of activities you can do on your own that are all about Puget Sound fish on our website. Remember to engage with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well

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