Seattle Aquarium road trip challenge! 

Design a mobile experience to inspire conservation action through empathy for animals.

Do you care about animals and the environment? So do we at the Seattle Aquarium! We work every day to take excellent care of the animals that reside at the Aquarium and help people connect with animals in their native habitats. We also enjoy sharing what our guests can visitors do to help the marine environment.  
We know not everyone can visit the Aquarium—so we’re thinking about creative ways to bring the Aquarium to communities of the Puget Sound region. Imagine a mobile outreach vehicle traveling all around our region and beyond, helping people learn about and develop empathy for marine wildlife. As people connect with marine animals and learn about what they need to survive, they also start considering how they can help animals in nature. With thousands of people visiting our mobile exhibit annually, we could inspire even more people to make a difference for Puget Sound! 
Will you help us figure out how to take the Aquarium on the road so we can have fun while inspiring people across the region to make a difference in the lives of our local marine animals? Join our Road Trip Challenge!

Design a mobile exhibit habitat that would take local marine animals to the community and help people care about the experience/perspectives of these animals in a way that will inspire people to take conservation actions for the marine environment.

Submission categories are:

Submission deadline is August 11, 2021. And yes, there are prizes!

Visit for all the details.

If you are near the Aquarium, you can visit us to get inspiration. See the new coral nursery—plus colorful tropical fish, sea otters, shorebirds, jellies, tide pool animals and more. We’re open daily, 9:30am–6pm. Buy tickets in advance with plan-ahead pricing for the best deal. Learn more at

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Founded in 1977 and located on Pier 59 in the heart of Seattle, Washington, the nonprofit Seattle Aquarium serves as the largest platform for ocean conservation and engagement in the Pacific Northwest. With a mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment, it leads educational, conservation and regional research initiatives for a healthier planet. A thriving and vibrant Aquarium is a key part of Seattle. Help secure the Aquarium for years to come by donating to the Resilience Fund at

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