Registration is now full for the 2017-2018 school season.

Registration for the 2018-2019 season will re-open in August 2018. We hope to see you soon!

On-site classroom programs

College and university

These programs are appropriate for college students enrolled in introductory courses in marine biology, biology, oceanography or similar courses. We may be able to schedule a program outside of our typical classroom program times depending on space and instructor availability, so please inquire when registering.

Conservation education fund scholarships

Scholarship assistance for admission, transportation to the Aquarium and off-site programs is available to qualifying schools. Scholarships are awarded as funding is available. Priority will be given to 40 percent or greater free and reduced lunch or equivalent schools, Head Start, ECEAP, special needs and ESL/ELL classes. Limited funding available. Please request a scholarship online when registering for programs.

Marine Invertebrates 101


Discover the rich diversity of animals that call the Puget Sound nearshore habitat home. By interacting with live marine invertebrates, students will learn how to classify animals into phyla based on physical characteristics. They will also explore the biodiversity of the intertidal ecosystem, and the ways in which the organisms are interrelated.




Puget Sound Plankton 101


The surface of the ocean is home to diverse populations of plankton. In this hands-on program, students will use oceanographic equipment to collect plankton samples, test the factors that affect these populations, and observe their samples under microscopes. Analysis and discussion of data will reveal how this ever-changing ecosystem responds to both human and environmental factors.



Plankton to Orcas 101


The survival of local orcas is dependent on the health of ocean plankton. Students will get hands on with oceanographic equipment including plankton nets, secchi discs, a niskin bottle and microscopes. Through data collection and discussion, they will discover the world of plankton in Puget Sound and learn about the abiotic and biotic factors that can affect local plankton populations. But plankton are not the only organisms affected: every other organism in the ocean food web is touched by change. A group activity will demonstrate how energy and toxins flow through the food web all the way from plankton to orcas. Students will leave with information about our local orca populations and an understanding of why these apex predators are vulnerable and how they can be protected.

Please note that this program runs two hours and must be scheduled during the 1:45pm program time or outside of our typical classroom program times. Please inquire about availability when registering.


     Self-guided tour

Discover the Seattle Aquarium with your students! Guide them through face-to-face interactions with marine animals as they explore the exhibits, from the cool waters of Puget Sound to the coral reefs of the tropical Pacific. Make sure to stop by our hands-on tide pools and interact with a diver at one of our interpretive shows.