Underwater Dome

Be surrounded by Puget Sound's sea life!

The Underwater Dome provides an amazing perspective to life in the Puget Sound.

Step through a short tunnel and into our one-of-a-kind exhibit: an undersea dome with a 360º view into a mammoth 400,000-gallon tank filled with hundreds of fascinating Puget Sound fish!

In the Underwater Dome, one of our largest exhibits, you’ll experience a beautiful, ever-changing snapshot of life in the Puget Sound. See schools of large, silvery, open-water salmon flash in the filtered sunlight from above. Large, menacing-looking lingcod lurking around underwater reefs. Sharks slyly swimming past, ever on the lookout for their next meal. Brightly colored deep-water rockfish hovering near crevices. Large sturgeon prowling the bottom for leftovers. Skates banking upwards against the current. And more!

Join us for a fish feeding, daily at 1:30pm.

Puget Sound