Interactive NASA Kiosks

Discover why scientists are exploring our world's oceans — from space!

What does the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have to do with the Seattle Aquarium? Find out when you visit our interactive exhibit, featuring a series of innovative touch-screen displays that guide you through three sections, “The Sea From Space,” “Meet Our Mammals,” and “Seals and Satellites.”

Why are NASA scientists studying the oceans? What do they look like when seen from space? Our kiosks will show you. You can also learn all kinds of interesting tidbits about the Aquarium’s marine mammals – including the fact that all of them were born in aquariums or rescued from the wild! Plus, get a glimpse into the interesting world of Seattle-based NOAA researchers, who are trying to solve the mystery of declining northern fur seal populations with the help of NASA satellites. Where do fur seals go in winter, and why? Satellites help us answer these questions and many others – learn more at our NASA kiosks!

The Oceans from space