2012 Octopus Workshop Agenda






7:30-8:30am   Light breakfast and networking    
8:30-9am   Introductions  

Bob Davidson, CEO, Seattle Aquarium

Shawn Larson, Curator of Research, Seattle Aquarium

Roland Anderson, Biologist Emeritus, Seattle Aquarium

9-9:20am   Temperature, Movements and Anesthesia of Giant Pacific Octopuses   David Scheel, Alaska Pacific University
9:40-10am   Escaping the Kraken's Grasp: A Sponge-Scallop Mutualism Possibly Maintained by Octopus Predation   Kirt Onthank, Washington State University
10-10:20am   Giant Pacific Octopuses and the Seattle Aquarium   Kathryn Kegel, Seattle Aquarium
10:20-10:40am   Coffee Break    
10:40-11am   Evidence for Inter-Sucker Coordination During Different Arm Movements in the Giant Pacific Octopus   Stavros Hadjisolomou, City University of New York
11-11:20am   The Phylogenetic Placement of Enterocotopus Dofleini Within Cephalopods  

Annie Lindgren, Portland State University

F.G. Hochberg, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

11:20-11:40am   Genetic Analysis of Giant Pacific Octopuses in South-Central and Dutch Harbor, AK  

Rebecca Toussaint, Alaska Pacific University

G.K. Sage, United States Geological Society

D. Scheel, Alaska Pacific University

S.L. Talbot, United States Geological Society

11:40-12pm   Seattle Aquarium Octopus Research   Shawn Larson, Seattle Aquarium
12-12:20pm   Close Relatives of the Giant Pacific Octopus   Ian Gleadall, Tohoku University
12:20-12:40pm   The Legacy of Olive   Guy Becken, Seattle Aquarium
12:40-2pm   Lunch (On Your Own)    
2-3pm   Round Table Discussion on Directions of Future Research on Giant Pacific Octopuses