Sturgeon poacher

How do you like my plates?

Poachers are a family of bottom-dwelling, cold-water marine fish. The long, tapering body of the sturgeon poacher is covered in what looks like scales, but actually are bony plates.

Sturgeon poacher
Not great swimmers
The plates make the bodies of sturgeon poachers rigid and inflexible. They swim in an ungainly manner, dragging their tails in the sand like rudders.
Fish of mystery
In spite of their abundance, little is known about sturgeon poachers. That may in part be because there is no commercial or sport interest in them—the bony critters don’t have enough meat to make fishing worthwhile.
Not Siri, cirri!
The small mouths of sturgeon poachers are surrounded by whisker-like clumps called cirri. The cirri contain taste buds, which the fish use to sift through bottom sand in search of shrimp, marine worms or other small invertebrates.
Denizens of the "left coast"
Sturgeon poachers can be found from Northern California to the Bering Sea in Alaska.


Sturgeon poacher range

Quick Facts

Diet: Carnivore
Size: Up to 12"