Sustainable Seafood

The Seattle Aquarium is part of a program to make it easier for consumers to tell whether the seafood they're buying is helping or hurting the survival of ocean wildlife.

Working in conjunction with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Vancouver Aquarium, and the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, the Seattle Aquarium is distributing Seafood Watch pocket guides. The Seattle Aquarium is also working with local restaurants and retail suppliers to encourage sustainable seafood choices in the products they sell. (Click here to see our sustainable seafood partners.)

Click here to access the Seafood Watch Chart. The West Coast consumer wallet card, produced by the Seafood Watch program, identifies 58 of the most popular seafood items found in restaurants and markets throughout the region. Sustainable seafood partners agree to sell only  "Best Choice" or "Good Alternatives" products and replace "Avoid" items.

The Seattle Aquarium distributes the pocket guide to help raise consumer awareness about ocean conservation issues, and to direct consumers toward sustainable seafood choices. The card is updated frequently to reflect new information and changes in the market. New versions are available through partner institutions and online. In addition to the Seafood Watch program there is a new Seafood Information Center, an independent database that acts as a clearinghouse for background scientific information about wild-caught and farmed seafood.

The Aquarium collaborates with the following partners to increase public awareness of sustainable seafoods and the Seafood Watch program.

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • Pacific Science Center
  • Art Institute of Seattle (Culinary Program)
  • SeaDoc Society
  • Seattle Chef’s Collaborative
  • Fish Choice
  • NOAA's Fish Watch
  • Fishing Vessel St. Jude
  • Pike Place Fish Market
  • Trident Seafoods
  • Sweet Spring Salmon
  • Whole Food Market (Select Fish)

In addition, we encouraged you to ask for Marine Stewardship Council certified seafoods at your favorite seafood retailer.

Click here to see our sustainable seafood partners.

Seafood Watch Guide

Your choices matter! Use the Seafood Watch Guide to help you choose sustainable seafoods when shopping or eating out.

Seafood Watch pocket guide (English)

Seafood Watch pocket guide (Spanish)


Seafood Watch Sushi Consumer pocket guide

Other Seafood Watch pocket guides

To view the most up-to-date seafood recommendations, use the Seafood Watch widget below.

Download the Seafood Watch mobile app for iPhone and Android here.