Your favorite creatures on video

Before your next trip to the Aquarium, catch a sneak preview of our sea otters, river otters, giant Pacific octopus, puffins and others with our collection of YouTube videos. Check back often—we’ll be posting new videos regularly!

February 15, 2015: Octopus release

Watch as biologists help release Hazel the octopus into Puget Sound, underneath the Seattle Aquarium. With help from Roberta the interpreter, this is a very exciting and educational video.

Virtual Field Trips - Google+

Virtual Field Trips connects cultural institutions like museums, zoos and aquariums with schools and non-profits around the country via Google+ Hangouts On Air. Hangouts On Air allow institutions to share universal access to unique cultural and educational experiences regardless of geographical and financial restrictions.

Male Cuttlefish Displays Color Change

A male cuttlefish shows off his color changing abilities.

Why do pufferfish "puff up"?

Pufferfish will “puff up” as a defense mechanism if they are threatened. A shape that is more than double its original size, round and sometimes covered in spines is much more difficult to bite and isn’t very appetizing to a predator. However, just as people should stretch before exercising to avoid injuring themselves, puffers need to stretch out their muscles as well.

Puffin Feeding Frenzy: Birds flying underwater!

Tufted puffins and common murres diving for food at the Seattle Aquarium.

Sea Urchin Flipping + Sea Stars Creeping (tube feet!)

Both Sea Stars, like the sunflower star featured here, and Sea Urchins are members of the same phylum (echinodermata!) - one of the main things they have in common, is that they both have awesome tube feet! See them live and up close at the Seattle Aquarium.