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Make your voice heard! Actions are being considered at the local, state and national level that affect marine animals in the wild and their habitats—as well as the future Seattle Aquarium. Help further our mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment by becoming an advocate for our one world ocean and the animals that live there, and the Seattle Aquarium itself.

Help Seattle Aquarium grow

Seattle’s window on Puget Sound and Earth’s one big ocean, the Seattle Aquarium opened to the public in 1977 and exists to fulfill its mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment. The Aquarium welcomes over 800,000 visitors each year, local residents and tourists alike, to explore its exhibits, many of which focus on the ecosystems of Puget Sound and Washington’s coastal waters.

The City of Seattle is planning an important new public investment in the waterfront, with the Aquarium continuing as its crown jewel—the cultural anchor of a magnificent public space. To prepare for this role, the Aquarium needs to expand. We need to add new exhibits about our changing environment, add capacity for our growing population, and improve our space for animal care.

With expansion, the Aquarium will become a better base for public education and outreach, expand its role as a leader in advocacy and policy, and create a new home for research on our marine environment.


Support I-1401 to
protect sharks, manta rays, sea turtles and more!

Update: Initiative 1401 passed! Thank you to Seattle voters for helping achieve this important victory for sharks, manta rays and sea turtles—as well as elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs and pangolins. With partnership from Vulcan, the Woodland Park Zoo, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium/Northwest Trek, the Humane Society and others, we reached our goal in this state and now look to help the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) with similar efforts in other states.

This November, Washington voters will have a chance to vote yes on Initiative 1401, which will increase penalties for trafficking in products derived from several animal species being exploited to the point their survival is at risk. Supporting I-401 will reduce our state's contribution to the illegal poaching and animal trafficking that are dramatically reducing the populations of key species in wild—including sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, elephants, lions, tigers and more.

“Wildlife experts report that within the next decade or sooner, some of the planet’s most precious and endangered species may face a critical tipping point toward extinction. Our mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment compels us to strongly support Initiative 1401. By strengthening protections against trafficking in products from these increasingly endangered animals, we can help to save sharks, manta rays and sea turtles, and protect our ocean life."
- Robert W. Davidson, president and CEO, Seattle Aquarium


AZA SAFE program

Save Animals from Extinction (SAFE)

As an accredited member of the Assocation of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), the Seattle Aquarium is proud to partcipate in Save Animals from Extinction (SAFE), a new commitment by the AZA's 229 accredited zoos and aquariums to harness our collective resources and work to save specific endangered species from extinction by restoring healthy populations in the wild. People like you, who visit the Seattle Aquarium and/or other AZA-accredited institutions, are an important element of this critical effort!