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Erin Meyer, Nora Nickum and colleagues from the Aquarium Conservation Partnership meet with Senator Maria Cantwell to discuss ocean conservation priorities.

Advocacy in action: Seattle Aquarium visits Washington, DC

Last week was Capitol Hill Ocean Week! Thousands of people gathered in DC to talk about solutions to pressing ocean challenges. The Seattle Aquarium participated for the first time, represented by Erin Meyer and Nora Nickum from our Conservation Programs and Partnerships department.

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Know your beach-this week from the beach

Take a walk north of the Seattle Aquarium along the waterfront. There is something you should know about this little beach right in downtown Seattle - it is alive with wonderful neighbors that breathe water instead of air! 

Know your beach-this week from the beach

#7 in the 2018 series of guest blog posts by Seattle Aquarium beach naturalists Bobby Arispe and Jen Strongin.

Lend your voice to help save our beloved orcas

We have all been gripped by the heartbreaking images of our Southern resident orca Tahlequah (also known as J35) as she mourned the death of her calf this past week. At the Seattle Aquarium we are all grieving along with the rest of the world. And though we are sad, we are viewing this as a wakeup call around the health of the Salish Sea and our mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment.

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