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February 14, 2019

After Hours: Valentine's Day

Adults take over the Seattle Aquarium for this 21+ event featuring animal experiences, music, a cash bar and more.

Octopus Week poster

February 16–24, 2019

Octopus Week

Join us to learn about one of the coolest creatures in Puget Sound, the giant Pacific octopus. Each day will feature hands-on activities for kids, octopus feedings and talks.

March 29-31

Sea Otter Conservation Workshop

Join the Seattle Aquarium for the largest meeting of sea otter biologists in the world at our Sea Otter Conservation Workshop featuring over 50 talks, including discussions on wild sea otter biology, ecology, husbandry and conservation.

Marine Mammal Mania at the Seattle Aquarium

April 5–14, 2019

Marine Mammal Mania

How does the Aquarium celebrate spring? With Marine Mammal Mania—hands-on activities, special talks and demonstrations devoted to marine mammals—join us!

April 24-25, 2019

Cephalopod Symposium

Join the Seattle Aquarium for our one-day workshop, highlighting current research. The workshop will feature several papers and round-table discussions about cephalopod husbandry, biology, physiology, ecology and behavior.

Mother's Day at the Seattle Aquarium

May 12, 2019

Mother's Day at the Aquarium

Celebrate moms of all types, animal and human.

Family Science Weekend at the Seattle Aquarium

May 25–27, 2019

Family Science Weekend

Participate in activities to learn about science and research taking place at the Seattle Aquarium. Hands-on activities, special talks and demonstrations will help the whole family discover science in a fun way.

World Ocean Weekend at the Seattle Aquarium

June 8–9, 2019

World Ocean Weekend

Celebrate the world’s one big ocean with us and learn to be an ocean hero! Everyone, no matter where they live, can help keep the ocean clean and healthy. We'll show you how with a variety of hands-on activities and special demonstrations.

Father's Day at the Seattle Aquarium

June 16, 2019

Father's Day

Celebrate dads of all types—animal and human. Join us for talks, enrichments and fun activities.

Orca Awareness Celebration at the Seattle Aquarium

June 22–23, 2019

Orca Awareness Celebration

Learn about orcas with hands-on activities all weekend. Check out our 20-foot-long, inflatable orca, modeled after Granny—matriarch of the endangered southern resident population, and believed to have been the oldest known orca. Plus, find out how ocean debris impacts these whales, and why healthy salmon populations are so important to their survival.

Shark and Ray Days at the Seattle Aquarium

July 13–14, 2019

Shark and Ray Days

Join us to learn about sharks, skates and rays, including how we can help protect them. We’ll have special talks and hands-on activities throughout the Aquarium all about these amazing animals.

September 28–29, 2019

Sea Otter Awareness Weekend

Join biologists at the Seattle Aquarium and explore the lives of sea otters. See how the Seattle Aquarium biologists care for these enchanting animals, including providing great nutrition, training and even toys!