Splash!2019 Event Chair Michael Trzupek and the Seattle Aquarium invite you to our 28th annual fundraising gala on Friday, June 7, 2019.


Benefiting the Seattle Aquarium’s mission:

Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment

5pm: Silent auction and reception at the Seattle Aquarium

7pm: Live auction and dinner at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront 




Didn't find the information you're looking for? Email splashgala@seattleaquarium.org.



The moment to act is now. The ocean we love is under threat and it’s incumbent upon us to step up and conserve our planet’s life support system.

You may have heard the saying ocean health equals human health. Nothing could be truer. The ocean is the source of every other breath we take—yet human activity has pushed it to its limit by dramatically changing the ocean’s temperature, chemistry and sea level, threatening its ability to support marine life and our lives.

Funds raised from Splash! will go toward improving the health of our local waters and saving our one world ocean for future generations. We hope you’ll join us.