Jules (they/them) is thrilled to join the first cohort of empathy fellows! Jules is particularly excited about their empathy community action project (ECAP), a marine conservation club for LGBTQ+ youth: the Aqueerium. Finding and building community have been central in navigating their identity and finding ways to participate in collective action. Over the last few years, Jules has tutored middle and high school students and discovered their love for teaching and mentoring students. Jules is eager to prioritize environmental and climate justice in marine conservation education, and to create a space for LGBTQ+ youth to build community and take action together.

“My ECAP project is an eight-week-long, empathy-based invertebrate and marine conservation education program for LGBTQ+ youth. Each week we will host a virtual community space where LGBTQ+ youth can connect with peers, learn about nudibranchs and engage with marine conservation advocacy work. We will deliver empathy-based programming about: nudibranchs and their ecosystems; conservation issues and habitat destruction; environmental justice and conservation movements; and pro-environmental actions and conservation behaviors. We will also facilitate a panel on LGBTQ+ representation in STEM featuring LGBTQ+ aquarium and STEM-field professionals. Along with a team of peers, participants will choose one nudibranch as their team mascot and create a “TED-talk” to share why they picked it and what they have learned. The final weeks of the program will culminate in teams planning and taking action to advocate for marine conservation. This program aims to make aquarium and conservation work feel accessible and exciting for LGBTQ+ youth, who are often underrepresented in and driven away from careers in STEM fields.”