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A white wave shape.

Dwarf cuttlefish

The amazing, color-changing dwarf cuttlefish!

Cuttlefishes are sometimes called “the chameleons of the sea” because of their ability to change their color—even their pattern and texture—in the blink of an eye. They do this to communicate with other cuttlefishes, camouflage themselves, and warn off potential predators. These fish are found in the Indo-Pacific, making their homes in shallow, coastal waters near coral reefs and over sand.

At the Aquarium

All in the family

When you look closely at cuttlefishes, you may not be surprised to find that they’re related to octopuses and squid. Like those animals, cuttlefishes have elongated bodies and arms that surround their mouths. And, like all cephalopods, cuttlefishes can squirt ink to warn off approaching predators.

Quick facts

They can change their color, pattern and texture in the blink of an eye.

Cuttlefishes rely on their camouflaging ability to sneak up on their prey.

These cephalopods have three hearts and blue/green blood!

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